Posting Articles to Your Blog

Please watch the following video to on how to post articles to the MPTS Blog. We have also included step by step instructions below with additional resources.

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Step 1

Once you are logged into WordPress go to your “Posts” folder


Step 2

This is where all of your posts are located and sorted by date. You will see “Add New” button on the top of the page and also in the posts folder on the left side bar. Click on either one (they are the same) to start your blog post.

Step 3

This is a 4 step process. Please see below:

Step 1: Name the Post in the Title Input Box. This will become your permalink (The link for the post).

Step 2: Enter your content and any media inside of the text editor. All of the options are mostly self explanitory. To add titles, use dropdown where it says paragraph and you can choose default heading sizes. Paragraph is for content. You can paste your content in here, but I would copy it from clean word or text document so has nothing embedded in the text.

Step 3: Set your featured image. This will be the image that Google see’s plus it will be displayed on your blog main page and post page.

Step 4: Click save and your post is live. Click View Post to see your post as shown below

Additional Resources for learning WordPress blog posting:

To create a blog post please click here to login into WordPress.